Top 10 Gifts for Ring Bearer

The ring bearer is one of the most important people in your wedding. Being that he is usually quite young, it can be hard buying gifts for him! this is where I come in.

Video Games – Every little boy loves to play video games! Find out from his mother or father what video games they allow him to play, what type of system he has, etc.. and make your purchase based off of that. Target and Wal*Mart are great for buying video games but you can find new video games for cheap at Game Stop.

Fun Box – Include everything kids love! Soda, candy, cookies, and board games. Maybe even a water gun or nerf ball gun.You can buy items for this for cheap at the Dollar Store!

Personalized Baseball Bat – has the cutest little personalized baseball bats! for play or to put up and save, this is still a great choice. This bat is made by Rawlings, and is 17 inches long. It comes personalized with your ring bearer’s name.

Mini-Groom Piggy Bank – These are way cute and a great gift! Teach your ring bearer how to save money! They’re kind of small, but still super cute! Little pigs decorated to look like the groom complete this piggy bank.

Personalized Pirate Lunchbox – Lunchboxes are excellent gifts for those little boys who take their lunch to school! You can get this at American Bridal; your ring bearer won’t be disappointed! Customized with his name, he won’t have to write his name on his lunchbox any longer!

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Personalized Pirate Backback – This is made to match the lunch box, and is actually a great gift if you purchase this with the lunchbox. Also available at American Bridal ; they customize this backpack with the ring bearer’s name as well.

The Ringbearer Book – This item has free shipping at It’s good for a little boy whose mother is remarrying, it helps him to understand why he is helping celebrate his mother marrying someone that isn’t his father!

Stainless Steel Hermonica – For only around $30, you can get a personalized hermonica for your ringbearer! Comes engraced with his name, date of wedding, and “ringbearer”. These are great because almost every little boy loves to make noise! You can buy them at American Bridal.

Silver Plated Yoyo – This yoyo comes engraved with your ringbearer’s name and the date of the wedding. It’s only about $25 at Nobody can resist a yoyo! They prove hours of fun and are especially great if you know how to do tricks with them.

Personalized Dinosaur Room Sign – What little kid do you know that hasn’t put a sign up on his or her door? Rather it say “So and so’s Room” Or “Stay Out”, kids love to let walker-bys know that their room is indeed THEIR’S! This sign is vibrantly colored and says your ringbearer’s name’s room, along with dinosaur crossing. What boy doesn’t love dinosaurs?! For around $40, you can get this room sign at