Top 10 Jet Ski Models of 2011

Looking for the perfect Jet Ski on the market and just can’t find the one to best suit you? Whether summer is right around the corner or its beautiful sunny weather in your neck of the woods all year long, if you’re trying to beat the heat Jet Skis should come to mind. With all the different models on the market in 2011 it could be hard to find the personal watercraft that fits your needs. So I’ll slim down the selection process and give you my top 10 Jets Ski’s on the market in 2011.

Now if you’re someone that likes to ride the waves solo the 2011 Kawasaki 800 SX-R which is a stand-up feature, will allow you to reach speeds up to 49 mph, awesome choice for the experienced rider or the beginner. This model runs at $7899, but 2011 is the last year it will be sold so hurry before time runs out. The 2011 Yamaha Superjet, also a stand up model, with its top speed reaching 45mph and runs at the same price of $7899. Now you may think that’s a little too much money for a solo craft but like the Kawasaki this to will be the last model made for the Yamaha with the solo craft models.

For more of a group oriented vibe there are more a variety of choices from the two seater top contender the 2011 Yamaha FZR with it reaching speeds of 65 mph will shoot you and a passenger across the water. This model runs at $13,399 but will be worth your while with the thrills you will gain from it. Another Yamaha model running at $13,399 is the VXR. Rumored to reach speeds of up to 68 mph it comes with a sporty seat that will keep you on your tippy toes. Now if you’re looking for something a tad cheaper but for the same performance the Yamaha VXS runs at $10,899 the difference is the sporty seat that comes with the VXR.

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If you are more family oriented and want something that you can take the kids out on the three to four seaters are just the thing for you. With these 2011 models: Kawasaki Ultra 300X, Yamaha VX Deluxe, or the Sea-Doo RXT-X 260; you will be able to ride 3-4 passengers at a time. If you are going for a relaxing ride with the little ones at a lower price the Yamaha VX deluxe is the reliable choice at $8,999 or wanting a little more thrill for the teens and significant other the Kawasaki and Sea-Doo models still pack the punch with excitement running about $14,400 both models. With thrill in mind the 2011 Kawasaki STX-15F which has the most aggressive handling for an entry level model and runs at $9,199. For someone who want it all the 2011 Sea-Doo GTI limited 155 will give it to you with the moderate price of $11,499.

So now I hope that you have some idea on what model will best fit you whether it’s for you to enjoy by yourself or with family and friends. As you can tell if you stick to the top three brands Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Sea-Doo you will find the watercraft that will suit your needs with the budget you have in mind. Good luck and safe ridding!!!