Top 10 Job Interview Questions and Answers

Are you nervous about the job interview questions and answers that you might have to face during your job interview?

During a job interview the questions and answers that you give might make all the difference between you getting the job and never receiving a phone call from that company. This guide will provide you with the top ten most common job interview questions and answers to better prepare you.

Job interview questions and answers: Tell me about yourself

This isn’t asking what your favorite color is, they want to know what kind of job performance skills you have, if you have had any training, what your work ethics are, what you like about this type of position, and what type of schooling you have had.

Job interview questions and answers: Why do you believe that you are right for this job?

This question is usually asked to determine if you have the motivation and skills to perform the job function. This should be answered by stating any schooling or previous job training that you have had. I would also add something about how you will work to move the company forward.

Job interview questions and answers: Why did you leave your last job?

This one can be tough if you are someone who has went through many different careers or jobs within the last few years. Do not lie about this one; companies have a way of finding out the truth. Answer this question to the best of your knowledge. If you left the job because of differences between the boss and yourself, explain this and help them to understand why it was the right choice for you. Your past job performance plays a huge part and as long as your job performance out ways the differences, chances are that they won’t even worry about this one too much.

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Job interview questions and answers: Do you take your work home with you?

This is basically asking if the company is running behind, would you be willing to take work home so that you can catch up. The best answer would be to say that if you are not able to do all that is required within that one day, then you are willing to take it home with you so that the company does not fall behind but you plan to have everything in order by the time the work day is over with.

Job interview questions and answers: Why do you want to work here?

This should be answered in a way that will not only help to promote yourself but will also help the interviewer to understand why you are right for this position. This is usually asked so that they can see if you are indeed the right person for this job. If you were to simply answer “because I need a job” instead of “I have worked hard to meet all of the job requirements for this position and I have learned a lot about the company and believe that it is the right company for me” the interviewer might think that you won’t be around for long or that you are not what this company needs.

Job interview questions and answers: What have you done since your last job?

This question is asked to see if you have actually been looking for a job and how long it has taken you to get this interview. If you are still working for the other company, tell them this and explain why you want to leave. If you have been unemployed, you can tell them this and that you have been looking for the right job that meet your qualifications.

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Job interview questions and answers: What type of work environment do you prefer?

They want to know if you prefer to work alone or if you are a team player. The best answer for this one is to tell them that you prefer either way. There are times when you might have to work alone and then there are times when you might have to work in a group.

Job interview questions and answers: Do you know anyone who works for the company?

There have been many people who have had problems in the work field when they have a previous relationship with someone who also works there. If you do know someone, make sure that this person works in a different department, different hours, or that the work does not require you to see this person frequently throughout the working day.

Job interview questions and answers: Describe your dream job

Go ahead and describe what kind of job you would like to be doing. If this is your dream job, then tell them so and explain why. For instance; if you are looking forward to getting a job working in business management you could say something like “I had wanted to work in business management ever since I realized that my career needed to be pushed forward. I have worked long hours and truly enjoy what it takes to work in the business management department for a company like yours.”

Job interview questions and answers: What do you know about this organization?

The interviewer wants to see if you have done your homework on this company or if you just seen it in the help wanted ads and decided to give it a try. If you don’t know much about the company, look it up on the internet or call ahead of the interview and ask the human resource department about the company.