Top 10 NASCAR Race Finishes

Part of the excitement of watching the best NASCAR races are the NASCAR finishes. It is the moment where the crowd is up on their feet. Some people are cheering, and some people are just holding their breath to see who crosses the finish line first. There have been some very notable NASCAR races in the history of NASCAR. Here are the top 10 NASCAR race finishes of all time:

1. 1976 Daytona 500

This is usually known as the “Race of all Time”. Richard Petty known as “The King” had won seven Daytona 500s. The race in 1976 in Daytona made him lose to his rival David Pearson after they collided near the finish line, and Pearson came in first.

2. 1979 Daytona 500

This was the first NASCAR race ever to be on national TV. Donnie Allison who had been in first place crashed with Cale Yarborough, making them both lose. This led to the famous fight with themselves and Bobby Allison (Donnie’s brother and also a NASCAR racer).

3. 1986 Miller 400

Dale Earnhardt was in the lead when Darrell Waltrip tried to pass him. Waltrip crashed into Earnhardt, which caused Geoff Bodine and Joe Ruttman to get involved in the crash. So the racer in 5th place, Kyle Petty, was able to finish in 1st place for his first NASCAR win.

4. 1981 Talladega 500

Rookie Ron Bouchard passed Terry Labonte and Darrell Waltrip, and came in 1st place. He passed two feet over Labonte, and he passed Waltrip less than a foot.

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5. 2003 Carolina Dodge Dealer 400

Ricky Craven bumped Kurt Bush’s car which led Busch to bump Craven back. Although Craven won the race by .002 seconds, the two continued bumping each others cars even after the race.

6. 2001 Cracker Barrel 500

This was an emotional race due to Dale Earnhardt’s recent fatal crash. Kevin Harvick was driving one of Earnhardt’s cars when he barely beat Jeff Gordon for the lead in .006 seconds.

7. 1988 Daytona 500

This was a very cool finish to watch because it was against father and son for 1st place. Davey Allison was beat by his dad, Bobby Allison, and led to being one of the best car races to watch.

8. 1987 Daytona 500

It was a race for the end between Bill Elliott, Geoff Bodine, and Dale Earnhardt, but Bill Elliott won because Bodine and Earnhardt both ran out of gas.

9. 1984 Firecracker 400

Ronald Regan attended this race which was great because he was the first President ever to go to a NASCAR race. Richard Petty won the race by inches, and it was the last race he ever won. This was one of the best car races to watch because of this.

10. 1993 Daytona 500

This was a happy father/son moment when Dale Jarett beat both Jeff Gordon and Dale Earnhardt for the win. His dad, Ned Jarret, and former NASCAR champion was the announcer for the race. This was one of the best NASCAR races to watch because of that special father/son moment.

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