Top 10 Pizza Places in Houston

Here is my guide to some of the best places to chow down on pizza in Houston.

Double Dave’s Pizza

Do you like pizza rolls? Double Dave’s has them! No, not those frozen pizza rolls, but real, fresh, and delicious pizza rolls. This has to be one of my favorite pizza items from any pizza restaurant in the entire country! If you are going to Double Dave’s I definiately recommend getting some because they are amazing.

Frank’s Pizza

Every time I visit Frank’s pizza I instantly get a smile put upon my face. The atmosphere is incredibly. The servers are always very friendly people who seem like they really care. This is what I love most about this place. While they do have good pizza it is really the atmosphere that stands out.

Collina’s Italian Cafe

A wonderful little cafe that serves both pizza and pasta dishes. I really enjoy the personal sized pizzas that are served here. They are just the right size for when I want to sit back, relax, and have something good to eat. It’s a very excellent place to treat yourself. They also have a wide assortment of Italian pasta dishes to choose from.

Late Nite Pie

A great pizza places that offers a wide assortment of pizza types. I really love the deep dish pizza with pepperoni and sausage. Every single pizza I’ve ever had here has tasted very fresh. The sauce and vegetables always taste delicious. The crust is also very soft which is something I really like in a pizza.

Antonio’s Flying Pizza

This is one of those places that I’d visit if I were in a group with friends or family. The pizza pies they serve are very large and a very great value for the amount of money you pay. The service is also very friendly and prompt.

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Fuzzy’s Pizza Italians & Sport Cafe

This place is unique because I am able to visit, watch the big game, and enjoy some nice quality pizza! I really like to order a pepperoni and mushroom pizza here because every time it tastes so good! If you want a unique place to watch the game this is the pizza place for you.

Spanky’s Pizza

This pizza place is wonderful. All the items are cheap and they have a pretty good selection to choose from. Not only do they serve pizza but they also have calzones that are made to order. Very fresh and delicious ingredients are used in all of their menu options.

Napoli Flying Pizza

I originally came to this place because I thought it had a funny name. Don’t let the name fool you – they’re experts at making pizza! Every pizza I’ve ever had at this pizza place has been high quality and delicious. I recommend trying the pizza here.

Puttys Pizza

Another pizza place that can fool you with it’s funny name. The pizza here is outstanding! I love the thick deep dish crusts they have for all of their pizzas. I really love to get a tomato and mushroom pizza here because the tomatoes they use on their pizza are very fresh.

Angelo’s Pizza

The last place I’d like to mention is Angelo’s Pizza. This place is great because it’s in a very convenient location so you’ll easily be able to get in and out with ease. There is virtually no wait for a table in here so the service is very prompt and efficient. The staff is friendly and have never once messed up any of my orders.