Top 10 Reality TV Theme Songs

Reality television is an important part of American broadcasting. The premise is to take everyday people or celebrities and film them in “real life” situations. I am all about the reality TV trend; I love seeing people at their best and worst, be it through competition or everyday life. But every good reality TV show needs a really good reality TV theme song to hook the viewers.

Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 1: American Idol

This is the best reality TV theme song in my opinion. Each time the score opens, I find myself belting out “Ahhhhhahhhhhh…” and it drives my husband insane. It’s a catchy opener and sets the stage for the talented and not-so-talented singers.

Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 2: My Fair Brady

This season is by far the best reality TV theme song of the other seasons. The tune is “London Bridge Is Falling Down” set to the words “To B—- and Burp are still her thing/Even so she got her ring/Guess this ain’t no TV fling/My fair Brady”.

Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 3: Intervention

I love this reality TV theme song because the instrumental and tempo of the music fit the emotion of the show. The theme is fast and races throughout the show when they document the life of an addict. At the end of the show when the addict heads to rehab, the theme is upbeat but a slower tempo which signals a feeling of relief and hope – like things will be okay from that point on.

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Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 4: Scott Baio is 45 and Single

So it’s not really a theme “song”, it’s more like a theme monologue but it’s a perfect fit either way. Each week during last season’s show, Scott intimately revealed his hang-ups about past girlfriends during the intro, which led into his quest to find his hang-ups about marriage and commitment. It’s an interesting method to connect with viewers and keep them tuning in each week. He’s even continued the monologue introductions into the new season entitled “Scott Baio is 46 and Pregnant”.

Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 5: Dog The Bounty Hunter

What’s better than a custom written reality TV theme song? How about a custom written song that strikes fear into the heart of criminals. This song fits Duane “Dog” Chapman to a tee. He a little unconventional and so is the theme song to his show, which A&E; announced earlier this week is going back into production.

Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 6: Hell’s Kitchen

What’s not to love about this reality TV theme song? The words of the song are essential “fire” and laughing and to know Gordon Ramsay’s personality, the song is a perfect fit. It’s reality TV hell to be in Gordon Ramsay’s kitchen; fire and heat are the best words to describe the pressure of trying to impress the famous chef. The theme song could probably be better, but it couldn’t be any more perfect for the theme of the competition when cooking for Gordon Ramsay.

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Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 7: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader

I think this reality TV theme song is pretty cute. According to IMDB, a children’s choir in California provide the voice to the lyrics. It all sounds a bit precocious, but when you see so many adults do poorly on the show it puts things in proper perspective.

Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 8: Survivor

This reality TV theme song was so popular when Survivor first hit the airwaves they released a soundtrack of tribal music based on the popular theme song. The Survivor theme song is a reality TV classic.

Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 9: The Osbournes

This reality TV theme song is a cover of Black Sabbath’s “Crazy Train” done by Pat Boone. The Osbournes are completely crazy and dysfunctional, but I really love the classic feel that Pat Boone brings to the song. It feels like the show will be a throw back to the 50’s type of family, but then you are introduced to the train wreck Osbournes who are clearly not Ward and June Cleaver.

Reality TV Theme Songs Top Ten – # 10: Hogan Knows Best I think I really enjoy the visual intro to the show more than the actual reality TV theme, but the two work well together. You see Hulk trying to get the family coordinated and the theme music is fast paced and energetic. It gives a feel for the family dynamic.