Top 10 Reasons to Become a Doctor

Going to medical school and becoming a doctor is a huge decision. One must determine if the advantages are worth it before making the commitment. Here are some common reasons shared by doctors.

Helping Others

The most common reason given by applicants is that they want to help others. It may be a small contribution, such as cleaning up little “boo-boos” or as major as life-saving surgery. But they feel that medically helping others is the best way for them to do so.

Easing Suffering

Some people wish to ease the suffering of others. Perhaps they had a loved one with a major illness and the doctor really helped them through it, so they want to pay it forward.

Improving Care

Some medical school candidates have had substandard care either for themselves or for a loved one. They wish to prevent someone else from having the same experience.

Making Medical Miracles

Some doctors are interested in contributing to society by doing research for medical cures or creating new medications. They are on the quest for a medical miracle.

Making Money

Doctors have a reputation for making good money, so some become involved for financial gain. Though doctors will quickly point out that they don’t quite make as much as you would think, due to so many extra hours on the clock.

Gaining Respect

Doctors typically command respect. The cliche parent is always ecstatic when her daughter has landed herself a doctor to marry. Everyone wants to be friends with the doctor and his wife, because it sounds good.

Continuing the Family Tradition

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Look at a doctor’s family tree. Often they have a close relative, such as a parent, who is also a doctor. Societal tradition used to dictate that the son would follow in his father’s footsteps. Though times have somewhat changed, doctoral lineage continues to exist.

Thanking a Mentor

A childhood mentor may have been a doctor, even if the influence was not medically related. To follow in the mentor’s footsteps, one may go to medical school to do the same for someone else.

Satisfying Scientific Curiosity

The human body is amazing in all of its complexity. Science is only beginning to understand how it all works. Going to medical school allows the science-loving nerd to explore the body in greater detail and satisfy his curiosity. Surgery and childbirth is fascinating to some people!

Losing a Bet

One med student said that he lost a bet to his father, which meant he had to go to med school.

Playing Golf

It’s another stereotype, but doctors can often be found on the golf course during their off-time. Some people may choose to become doctors because they believe they will be Tiger Woods on the side.

Whatever your reasons for going to med school to become a doctor, the most important is to be sure it is what your truly want to do with your life. You are going to impact a lot of lives with yours!