Top 10 Rock Songs of 2009

When putting together my Top 10 list of Rock/Alternative songs of 2009 I ran into a major problem. I have way too many favorite songs. Trying to narrow down my Top 10 from all the songs I liked from 2009 is like trying to pick which family members you love more than the others. Someone shouldn’t have to make such tough choices. I feel I could give you the Top 50 songs much easier. After much deliberation and many changes, I believe I have determined the best 10 Rock songs of the year. At least MY Top 10 Rock/Alternative songs of 2009.

10 “Ride to California” by Paper Tongues

This is probably my newest favorite song. I just started hearing it on the radio here in the last month. I really like the fast singing in the beginning and the way the rest of the guys come in to sing the hook. I also like when the lead singer starts to draw out the end of the lyrics in the middle of the song. Great lyrics and a mash up sound make for a cool song. I enjoy hearing something fresh from a new band.

9 “Meet me on the Equinox” by Death Cab for Cutie

This is another fairly new song too. The singer has a haunted sound to his voice while being backed by strong guitar play. I like the lyrics a lot, but I really like the line “Everything, Everything Ends…” I have not really listened to much Death Cab for Cutie before, but I may have to pick up the album for this song.

8 “Champagne” by Cavo

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I usually don’t get into the screaming found in the hook of this song, but something about the song just makes me love it. “Coulda been the champagne, the champagne…Coulda been the cocaine, the cocaine…Coulda been the way you looked at me….” It just rocks.

7 “Kids” by MGMT

With its synthesizer beat and almost techno sound, I am not sure this even qualifies as a rock song. I first heard it on the local rock station so I am going to count it. Do Do Do Do Do Dooooooo. I love it. I don’t know if the lyrics make any sense, but the beat makes up for it.

6 “Do What You Do” by Mudvayne

Mudvayne is another band like Cavo that I normally wouldn’t listen to because of the screaming singing style. Yet again here they are making my Top 10 list. Maybe I do like some of the screaming after all. I like the heavy rock sound the song has. Strong guitar, bass, and drum play make the screaming fit right in.

5 “Wheels” by Foo Fighters

The Foo Fighters are no strangers to hit songs. They have had several songs make it to the radio, yet this is the first song by them that I have really liked. The song just has great lyrics and a great rock sound.

4 “Savior” by Rise Against

Rise Against is another new band for me this year. Savior” is another pure rock song with great lyrics. “That’s when she said I don’t hate you, but I just want to save you…” It has a real driving rock sound that makes you bob your head to the beat.

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3 “Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked” by Cage the Elephant

Cage the Elephant is similar to MGMT in that they are not a normal “rock” band. I also first heard them on the local rock station so I am counting them. I love how the song tells a little story and blends strong guitar play with a great hook.

2 “Sex on Fire” by Kings of Leon

What can I say about this song that everyone doesn’t already know? This song and this band blew onto the music scene this year. This song was such a hit that the country band Sugarland remade it. Kings of Leon is my newest favorite band. Something in the lead singer’s voice is so unique and captivating that if you could wear out an MP3 by listening to it too many times on an IPod, this whole album would be gone from my possession.

1 “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon

Yes, Kings of Leon own the numbers 1 and 2 spot in my list. Technically the whole album could make the list by itself. To be fair to all the other great songs and bands out there I kept myself from adding “Notion”, “17”, “Closer”, “Crawl”, and “Be Somebody” to this list. Kings of Leon has to be the biggest breakout band of the year. A great classic rock band sound with the most unique lead singers out there.