Top 3 Bars in Boca Raton, Florida

South Florida has to have more bars and restaurants than anywhere else in the country. The average restaurant doesn’t close until midnight, with the average watering hole open past 2 am.
This short list of Bar’s will be sure to please everyone in your party.

1. Dada’s

52 N Swinton Avenue
Delray Beach, FL 334444

Dada stands true to it’s name– a cultural movement (although it isn’t going on in Switzerland, it’s going on in Delray Beach). Dada is situated in an old house off of Atlantic Avenue. The atmosphere is artistic and mellow, the entertainment is always just that–highly entertaining. It is like something you’ve never seen before.
The food is incredible. Their menu ranges from asian influenced Tuna Tartare, to Mediterranean home made hummus, through a spectrum of american influenced main courses all while encompassing a French flair and organic and fresh components.

The bar is why I like to dine their, though. They have the largest Mojito menu I’ve seen, to date. They also have bins of vodka on the bar with fresh fruits macerating in the vodka. The sour apple martin–delicious. They also have every other liquor you can think of as well as an interesting and decently priced wine list. The service is friendly, as the staff all look like they were recruited from FAU’s art department.

I would highly recommend this place for a memorable date and/or you have people visiting from out of town.

2.The Funky Buddha Lounge and Brewery

2621 N Federal Highway
Boca Raton, FL 33431

I discovered Funky Buddha about 3 years ago, shortly after they opened. It was one of the first Hookah bars in the area and I had read a few good reviews. They were right. The inside has a great, friendly atmosphere, and they have 100 different types of hookah tobacco.

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From those first days of the Funky Buddha, they have changed pace a little bit. They always did have the most incredible beer list you have seen in South Florida, featuring every microbrew that everyone loves, but taking it to the next level by updating the list every chance possible. They are working on moving the Funky Buddha to a larger space so that they can create their own brews!

Now and in the future, if you are a beer lover who just wants to chill out and have a great time, try the Funky Buddha.

3. Nakava

140 NW 20th Street
Boca Raton, FL 33431

Ok, Nakava doesn’t have a full liquor bar and you won’t see girls getting loose on the dance floor. But it is a bar! A Kava bar, that is.

Kava is a polynesian elixir served very rarely in the states. Nakava is actually a pioneer here, at one time being only one of two Kava bars in the whole country. Now Nakava pride’s itself in being the only Kava/Hookah bar combination in the country.

Nakava serves at least half a dozen different types of Kava. I personally think that they all taste like mud. But the point of drinking it is the relaxing and euphoric affect that it has on you. You can also chill outside with a tobacco-free hookah and relax the night away.

Being that Nakava is located in such close proximity to the University, there is always a very diverse crowd. The entertainment is interesting and participation is often encouraged.

This is an experience to feel more like a local and experience the Nakava effect.