Top 3 Bars in Fort Worth, Texas

J and Js Blues Bar

937 Woodward
Fort Worth,TX 76107

Best Bar for Music and Smoky Atmosphere

If you like music with your bar, you’ll love this place. Boasting 20 years of the blues, the bar lives up to its name in every way. There is always live music and that music is sure to fill your soul. Enjoy some of the best blues from local, regional and traveling blues bands while you sit on a barstool or vinyl chair under a mass of bras, flags and other bobbles hanging from the ceiling. From biker to business suit, babe to “been there done that”, this place takes all kinds. Hours are 8:30 to 2:00am Friday and Saturday. The bar itself recommends that anyone wanting a good seat be there by 9:00pm as all seating is general admission. And what’s not to love about their phone number 817-870-BEER.

The Flying Saucer

111 E. Fourth St.
Fort worth, Texas 76102

Best Bar for Beer Drinkers

Little less music and a lot more beer? Go for the Flying Saucer. Open every single day from lunch to the wee hours, this bar is a fun place to go for a beer (and a brat if you’re interested). Ok, so maybe it’s a chain, it doesn’t feel like one. It feels like a hometown bar and there is an unabashed number of beers on tap. They have great specials (Monday Pint Night, Tuesday Trivia Night, Wednesday Brewery Night…) There is live music on the weekends (starting Thursday as any respectable beer drinker knows that the weekend starts on Thursday night). Become a UFO member and manage to try 250 different types of beer and you get your name on a plate on the wall to live in infamy! Inside or on the patio, this place is a beer lover’s dream. If you are into liquor, do not apply, the bar only sells beer and wine. But the variety of beer takes up a three page menu (at last check) and the food is pretty good too. Trendy downtown atmosphere, short skirted waitresses, and hometown feel. Check it out

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The White Elephant

106 Exchange Ave.
Fort Worth, Texas

(in the heart of the Stockyards)

Best Bar for the Fort Worth Experience

You can’t bar hop in Fort Worth without making a trip to the Stock Yards. There are a lot of great bars there, but the The White Elephant ranks #1 for me. Here’s why: When you walk by, you hear live music from the street. When you walk in, you see bar height tables, lots of wood, and the greatest mix of people you can find. You’ll see cowboy hats, biker colors, grey hair and big blonde poufs all at first glance. The feel is rustic and authentic. And it’s great if you want the “cowboy experience” without feeling completely out of your non-cowboy element. The people will always be friendly and if you like people watching, you’ll see a steady flow of people in and out of all varieties. The music can range from greats to local talent contests and I’ve never seen anything on that stage I didn’t enjoy. Best of all, I remember going there with my parents as a kid and still go there now. It is also Fort Worth’s only 7 day a week live music venue. So go out on a Wednesday night and catch a local band, go out on a Saturday and you might find a Texas great. Check out the history of the place while your visiting, it’s been around since the 1800s and was the stop of many a gunfight.