Top 3 Bars to Watch Football in San Diego

Three good Bars to watch the playoffs and Super Bowl

It is currently the NFL’s Playoffs and Super Bowl season. Everyone loves watching football especially on Sundays, but no everyone wants to watch it from the comfort of home. In San Diego, California there are 3 great bars to go to especially if you want to have a beer and watch the game. During the televised playoffs and Super Bowl you can always catch a big enthusiastic crowd at these Top 3 Bars.

Seau’s The Restaurant

1640 Camino Del Rio N # 1376

San Diego, CA


This restaurant and bar is owned by the former San Diego Charger Junior Seau. You can tell that this is a great place to watch Football once you go through the entrance. Above the front doors to the Bar and Restaurant is a great silver emblem of a bolt and foot ball. The restaurant has large windows where you can look in and see many large television screens, and while your waiting to be seated there are some nice chairs to sit in to watch the game. If you get excited when watching the playoffs or Super Bowl and want to go to a place to pump yourself up then Seau’s is for you. This restaurant and bar gets packed during playoffs and the Super Bowl. If you are a chargers fan this is a good place to go watch the second playoff game as well. Seau’s is considered a classy place to go to if you are a football fan. This bar and restaurant offers many great beverages and really good food. Remember when you come to Seau’s to bring you love of football and appetite with you.

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San Diego Sports Club

1271 University Avenue

San Diego, CA


This sports bar is also a great place to watch the game at. This bar is a place for a crowd of diversity. This bar not only offers a great place to watch sports at but is also a great venue to watch different bands at that perform different arrays of music. The San Diego Sports Club not only has several televisions set up to watch games on but also has great drink specials and pool tables. This bar can be considered a genuine sports bar. Sometimes the televisions are on one channel playing the same game or each television is playing different games. That way you can always be in tuned on what the score is for different playoff games. During the playoffs and Super bowl this place will be very popular.

Trophy’s Sport Grill

7510 Hazard Center Dr

San Diego, CA


Trophy’s Sport Grill is a great sport bar and grill to watch football at. This grill is a enormous building that has more than one level. It resembles what could be a mini sports museum. Inside there is all kinds of sport memorabilia from signed items to a lot of trophies. There are also many televisions to watch the game on. During the playoffs and Super Bowl this place is also packed. The food will definitely fulfill anyone’s appetite and of course the entertainment is great.