Top 3 Beaches In Texas

Texas is known for a lot of things. However, far too many people overlook the Texas coast and its wonderful beaches. We have 600 miles of beautiful coastline where the waters of the Gulf of Mexico meets the warm climate of the Texas coast, producing beaches that are among the most calming and gorgeous in the nation. I have been to the more famous beaches of California, Hawaii and the Hamptons. And yes, I prefer those in my home state of Texas! There are so many sandcastles to be built, so much surf to tame and countless shells to find. So pack your snorkel, your swimsuit and come on in. The water’s fine at these three beaches that are, in my opinion at least, the very best beaches in Texas.

Galveston Island -Galveston Island is just an hour’s drive from Houston which makes any summer vacation an experience that’s more than the surf and sun. You can enjoy the city and then head back to beach. And with great activities like concerts, beach volleyball tournaments, and more, there’s always something to do besides just laying on the sand. Stewart Beach Park, the island’s popular family beach, features a pavilion complete with a snack bar and a huge playground. It’s a lovely and kid-friendly place to have your next family vacation.

Corpus Christi/ Padre Island National Seashore – The mainland of Corpus Christi is quite urban. However, after crossing the causeway to Padre Island, the city feel completely fades away and as you head down Padre Island National Seashore, the modern world will disappear. While visiting Corpus Christi, you should also climb aboard the USS Lexington, which is an incredible museum that used to be an aircraft carrier. And then you can enjoy a narrated cruise of the Corpus Christi Bay and Harbor or check out the Texas State Aquarium and be amazed by the aquatic life of the Texas gulf coast and the Atlantic Ocean.

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South Padre Island – This beach is both the most pristine beach in Texas and the most difficult to get to. It’s located just a few miles away from the Mexican border and the surf is a Caribbean-like blue-green as it laps against gorgeous white sand. It’s simply beautiful, and certainly less expensive than any Caribbean holiday. When you’re not enjoying the beach, try the active nightlife, the great restaurants and the variety of shops selling local crafts. You might also head across the bridge to charming Port Isabel or even cross the border into Matamoros, Mexico. South Padre is the kind of place where you could really honeymoon in style.

Of course, these are just a few of the beaches available in Texas. But you can be sure that whatever type of beach you have in mind can be found in the Lone Star State including anything they could find in more popular beach destinations like California.

When you do come, just make sure you have a Texas-style beach party-invite all your friends and have them invite all of theirs.