Top 3 Coffee Shops in Athens, Ohio

Athens, Ohio, has several coffee shops for you to enjoy. Although Athens is more recognized for its bar and party scene, its independent coffee houses are amazing. Following are 3 of my favorite independent coffee shops in Athens, Ohio.

Perks, 49 S. Court Street, Athens, Ohio, (740) 594-7375.

Perks is the first coffee house I visited upon moving to Athens to attend Ohio University in 1997. It is located on the corner of Union and Court Streets. Parking is difficult to find in town, but you can use the city parking garage located on East Washington Street across from City Hall and walk the two blocks down Court Street.

There are small tables and chairs inside, plus a few set up outside of the shop. Perks is located right by Ohio University, so it is nearly always crowded. But the coffee is worth it. There is a selection of coffees and teas, plus many specialty drinks. I like that they have many varieties of coffee, including several selections of dark roast that I enjoy.

Perks also offers a selection of baked goods and frozen custard.

Donkey Coffee and Espresso, 17 ½ W. Washington Street, Athens, Ohio, (740) 594-7353

Donkey Coffee is located on West Washington Street, between Court and Congress, just down from the Courthouse. Parking is difficult to find here as well being in town, but the parking garage is on the next block on the other side of Court Street.

As with Perks, there are small tables and chairs both inside and out. It, too, can be quite crowded at times. Although I didn’t find a large selection of regular coffees, there are many flavorings you can have added, such as coconut. There are many specialty drinks as well, including smoothies and drinks that include coffee or tea. I love the flavored frozen coffees that are offered at Donkey Coffee.

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There is a decent food selection available as well, including baked goods, pizza, hummus and organic yogurt.

Donkey Coffee also offers entertainment and you can find many local artists performing here. Check out their website for what all Donkey Coffee has to offer.

Catalyst Cafe, 540-B West Union Street, Athens, Ohio, (740) 249-4203

Catalyst Cafe is a relative newcomer to the Athens area. It is not right in town being on the other end of West Union, with a view overlooking the Hocking River though it is on the opposite side of the road. There is a parking lot that is shared with other businesses, but you should be able to find a space fairly easily.

Catalyst Cafe shares space with Athens Realty, but there are a few tables and chairs at the ground level and a lot more on the upper level. From the upper level you can see the waterfall at White’s Mill on the Hocking River. There is also a patio out back with a couple of tables and chairs. There are a variety of coffee and teas drinks available, as well as shakes and smoothies.

As you can see by the menu, there are a variety of baked goods, and you can even get quiche, salad or soup. It is not as crowded as the two coffee shops listed above, as it is a bit away from the center of town.

These are not the only coffee shops in Athens, Ohio, but a few of the ones I have enjoyed the most.


1) Personal Experience

2) Donkey Coffee and Espresso

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3) Catalyst Cafe Menu