Top 3 Exciting Games for Mardi Gras

Are you looking to add some excitement to your Mardi Gras theme party? We three of our top exciting games you can add to your theme party that your guests are sure to enjoy. When looking to add something new to your party we figured most people want something they can throw together easily, without having the trouble to find expensive parts or pieces. Keeping this in mind we brought to you these top three games.

A great ice breaker game to introduce to group of people in mixed company is the Song Game. This game is fairly easy. You will want to start by writing out four sections of lyrics out to a song on four note cards. Use four different songs, or as many songs as you will need so that you will have one card for each guest in attendance to your party. As your guest arrive hand out a note card, it will be your guest’s job to find the other guests with the matching lyrics. Once the groups have found each other they will then sing their songs. To give this game a good Mardi Gras twist use Mardi Gras’s songs which can be located by going to Cajun Radio top 40 Mardi Gras Songs

The Mardi Gras Necklace Game is another great game for parties this is simply a twist on the forbidden word game. At the start of the night you will want to pick a word for instance the word “happy” every time one of your guests say the word “happy” they will have to give up one of their Mardi Gras necklaces to the person who calls them out on saying the forbidden word.

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One of our favorite games to play is Truth or Fiction. For this game you will need to buy those supermarket trash magazines. You know the type the ones you find in the grocery store the supermarket tabloid type magazines. You will also need a set of index cards. On half the index cards you will write crazy headlines from the tabloids from the supermarket that you have pre selected as your truth stories make sure you mark on the back of the index cards the words truth. On the other half of the index cards you will want to write a bunch of fake head lines that sound outlandish to match the truth ones. On the back of the fake’s one make sure you write fake to keep the separated from the true ones. The objects of this game to have your teams distinguish which headlines are the real ones or the fake ones. Have your party goers break up into two teams. Have the first team read a card, if team 2 guesses correct award that team 1 point, it is now team 1’s turn and so on until the cards are completed. Tally the points to see which team has won.