Top 3 Gifts for 7-9 Year Old Boys

As any other parent, I have watched my children tear through their Christmas presents, opening one after another in a crazed manner. But this attitude didn’t stop when all of the gifts were opened. Some of the presents were rarely played with, and others were broken before they went to bed on Christmas night. And it’s always frustrating as a parent, because this is a gift that I expected would make them happy for months to come, and it can’t be played with any longer. Here are some top suggestions to help you choose a gift that will survive being in an active boy’s toy box.

The Fisher Price Kid Tough Camera for boys is a toy that will fascinate kids of all ages. It features all of the things that an adult digital camera has, such as a wrist strap, LCD preview screen, USB slot for connecting and uploading pictures to the computer, an SD memory card slot for additional memory, and a built-in flash. But all of these things are included in a smaller, kid friendly, kid tough package. The resolution is only 640X480, and the built-in memory is a very small 8MB, but this is more than enough for most kids, especially with an additional memory card. The Fisher Price camera is the first digital camera that is made specifically to allow kids to experiment, but protect the camera from accidental dropping. These cameras can survive being dropped down a flight of stairs, and no adult digital camera could survive something like that.

The Adventures at Bikini Bottom: Sponge Bob Square Pants Lego Set is a great gift for any little boy. At seven to nine years old, they are very interested in building things, and seeing how the world fits together. And what better way for them to figure it out than with a very popular cartoon character that they are certain to love? In this set, you are able to build Spongebob, Squidward, and Patrick’s houses, Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick, and Gary the snail, and various other items such as a car with a pullback motor. The best part about this toy is that once it is built, you have the added bonus of being able to play games with it. You can launch jellyfish at Squidward’s windows, or you can play basketball with Spongebob. This toy is a top pick for a tough toy, because Legos are virtually indestructible. The building or set may come apart, but it can always be put together again. With all of the things this set includes, and all of the activities it provides, it has a lot of things to interest kids, especially little boys.

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A great toy that kids are meant to go wild with is the Shake and Go Racers by Fisher Price. This toy features a race track that kids place cars on. The thing that makes this race track special is that the kids have to shake the cars to “fuel” them. After shaking, they put the race cars on the track, and can see whose car wins. The harder and faster they shake it, the farther and faster the cars go. As they race around the track, it announces who is in the lead, and also who wins.

These are the top three picks for toys that will entertain and last for a long time. All of them also feature lasting playability, and will not cause your child to become bored after only a few times of playing with the present. While each one costs around forty dollars, the long life and high entertainment factor provide an extremely high value for your money.