Top 3 Microbreweries in Florida

If you are looking to enjoy great tasting craft beer in Florida look no further than these three microbreweries. In the best tradition of great microbreweries these establishments combine the best of microbrewed beer with quality menu items for a great pub experience.

River City Brewing Company, Jacksonville, Florida

River City Brewing Company is located in central downtown Jacksonville just minutes from several hotels and the San Marco shopping district. The restaurant has a large seating area that can accommodate up to 325 people and a large outdoor patio area to enjoy the Florida sunshine. The Brewhouse Lounge allows patrons to sample the craft beers and view the glass-enclosed brewery. River City produces microbrews that combine the finest German and English malted barley and Pacific Northwest hops.

Jackson Pale Ale is crafted with Vienna malt and Oregon hops for a medium bodied ale. Jag Light, the lightest brew by River City Brewing, uses Bavarian Pilsner malt. Red Rooster Ale is a medium bodied ale that contains a blend of four German malts with toasted wheat for a rich malty flavor. Riptide Porter is a dark full-bodied ale blending roasted malts and roasted wheats for a flavor with hints of chocolate and coffee. The fine selection of craft beers and a great seafood menu make River City Brewing Company a great overall experience.

River City Brewing Company
835 Museum Circle
Jacksonville, FL 32207
Phone: (904)398-2299

Florida Beer Company, Melbourne, Florida

The Florida Beer Company, originally founded as Indian River Brewery, is the largest craft brewer in Florida. In 2005 the company acquired several small Florida breweries based in the Florida cities Key West, Tampa, and Miami, and as a result the Florida Beer Company produces a variety of craft beers. The main facility located in Melbourne houses all production-related equipment and activities as well as a tasting room and retail store. Sale of their craft beers is through this retail store as well as a small network of wholesale distributors.

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The Florida Beer Company sells 19 craft brews under the Ybor Gold, Hurricane Reef, Beachside, and Key West labels and 2 hard ciders under the JJ Kelly label. Some of the most popular beers are Shoal Amberjack, Ybor Gold Gaspar’s Porter, Key West Sunset Ale, and Hurricane Reef Raspberry Wheat Ale. They sell a variety of brews from dark lager like Ybor Gold Amber Lager to pale ale like Indian River Shoal Draft, as well as a variety of flavors in between.

Florida Beer Company (tasting room and retail store)
2500 South Harbor City Boulevard
Melbourne, Florida 32901
(321) 728-3412

Titanic Brewing Company, Coral Gables, Florida

The Titanic Brewing Company, located next to the University of Miami baseball field, is an easy ride on the free trolley that runs down Ponce De Leon Boulevard through the heart of the downtown area. The maritime themed restaurant and brewpub produces craft beers such as Triple Screw Light Ale and Captain Smith’s Rye named for the historic R.M.S. Titanic ocean liner that sank in the North Atlantic in 1912.

Titanic Brewing Company has won several awards for its craft beers. From the full-bodied Shipbuilder’s Oatmeal Stout to Brittanic Best Bitter to White Star India Pale Ale, TBC produces a variety of craft beers that perfectly compliments its excellent menu of quality seafood, great sandwich, and appetizer menus.

Titanic Brewing Company
5813 Ponce De Leon Boulevard
Coral Gables, FL 33146
(305) 668-1742