Top 3 Shopping Districts in Boston

Boston is renowned for its shopping. If you are traveling to Boston you must know the places to go. There are many shopping districts but the three most favored include Harvard Square, Downtown Crossing, and Newberry Street. You can experience some of the most amazing shopping you have ever experienced when you travel to Boston.

Harvard Square is located in Boston. JFK Street heads directly into Harvard Square. All of the Red Line buses head into Harvard Square also. There are hundreds of stores at Harvard’s Square. This shopping district is renowned for the food, shopping, historical, and cultural benefits.

If you are shopping in Harvard Square, you will see unique shops like Bentley Publishers, Almost Banned in Harvard Square Booksellers, Abodeon, Calliope, Clothware, and Mint Julep. You can enjoy tobacco from Leavitt & Peirce Inc. which has been around for over 118 years. This shop also sells amazing chess sets. Savenor’s has been located in Boston since 1939 as one of the best gourmet grocery markets you can find. This wonderful grocery market is also located in Harvard Square. There are hundreds of shops in Harvard Square.

Downtown Crossing is another shopping district in Boston. This is the largest shopping district and there is much more to see here than anywhere. If you are looking for a way to spend the day or something at night, this is where things are hot. Downtown Crossing has over 300 jewelers, over 200 retail stores and more. As you stroll down the street you will find street vendors everywhere.

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Downtown Crossing is located in the center of the intersections of Washington, Winter and Summer streets. This is considered to be a pedestrian mall and traffic is severely restricted. This makes shopping so much more fun because you are away from the chaos of the traffic when you shop in this historic district.

Newberry Street is a unique shopping district people absolutely must see when they are traveling through Boston. This district is 8 blocks packed with fun shopping that includes something for everyone. This shopping center begins at Arlington and ends at Mass. Avenue. You can enjoy all 8 blocks on each side of Newberry Street packed with shops and fun.

There aren’t any shopping districts in America that match the uniqueness and individuality found in Newberry Street. The sidewalks are broad and storefronts extend out into the sidewalk where there are street vendors and people everywhere. Some of the favorite shops include, but are not limited to Hempest, The Closet, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Petit Bateau, Chanel, and Marc Jacobs.

Boston is well known for some serious shopping. It doesn’t matter what you are looking for you will find it in Boston. The shopping districts scatter throughout the neighborhoods of Boston and many like Harvard Square are known worldwide. If you are looking for something to do while you are in Boston, you should consider heading down to the shopping districts. You don’t have to be a shopper. There is plenty to do besides shop.