Top 3 Strip Clubs in Tampa, Florida

Tampa Bay has more strip clubs than most states have all togther, but they are not all alike. There are some real dives out there that probably should be shut down. I think those are the places, in locations, that should not be allowed. The clubs that are more closely located near smaller housing areas are usually the ones with the least desirable clientele. That to me does not mix well with these neighborhoods. The clubs that are located in a larger city tend to have a more attractive staff and much better clientele. If you live in or are visiting the Tampa Bay area and a trip to a strip club is on your agenda, then take a moment to read about the better places to visit.

Thee Dollhouse is definitely my first choice as I am most familiar with the clubs run by M.J. Peter Management which includes Thee Dollhouse, Pure Platinum and Solid Gold clubs. I have previously been to Thee Dollhouse of Fort Lauderdale (yes, the one mentioned in Girls, Girls, Girls by Motley Crue) and also to Pure Platinum in Fort Lauderdale. The dances were just unbelievably gorgeous and the clubs themselves were exciting. Thee Dollhouse located at 1010 N. Westshore in Tampa is no different. This is a topless only bar which means that alcohol is served here. You may want to check out the happy hour first which is available Monday through Friday from 4pm to 7pm and get a taste of the place. The cover charge is $10 and is open seven days a week with stage and table dancing. Join the Cyberspace VIP Lounge and get a free Happy Hour party for you and up to 20 of your friends. That gets you all in with no cover charge, two complimentary drinks per person, a complimentary buffet and a complimentary VIP card. Check out their website where you can view photos of some of the prettiest entertainers in town.

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2001 Odyssey is located at 2309 N. Dale Mabry Highway and is a great place to visit to see beautiful women dance. This location would be hard to miss since the building has a spaceship looming up from the roof. Inside you’ll find the spaceship is a VIP room and the rest of the establishment is mirrored and well, space like. Since these girls are “full nude” there is no alcohol served at this club which means you don’t have to worry about moronic drunks ruining your evening. Named one of the “7 Wonders of Tampa Bay” by the Tampa Tribune, you are sure to have a evening of entertainment you won’t soon forget. You may have seen the club in the John Travolta movie “The Punisher” (one of my favorites). You can click onto their website here for a special coupon to get free admission before 8pm or $5 cover after 8pm. This is one of the cleanest and friendliest clubs anywhere with over 300 of the most attractive girls in town. It is possible to spend some big bucks here, so be prepared as the lap dances will run a bare minimum of $25, but are well worth it for these, let’s say, very friendly girls.

Mons Venus is located almost across the street from the Odyssey and gives it the most competition in this local industry. You may only be familiar with the Mons Venus name due to the owner, Joe Redner’s, many legal battles with the county over restrictions. The Mons Venus was ranked #8 in the top ten strip clubs in the world by Like 2001 Odyssey, this is a full nude strip club so they do not serve liquor. However, this also is one of few places where full nude, full contact lap dances are performed. The Mons Venus does not have private rooms though, so you better not be shy is requesting a dance which will cost an average of about $30. The one drawback of this club is the parking which is quite limited. It is certainly worth a visit to this well known club to watch and, if you like, even fondle the beautiful dancers.