Top 3 Tea Party Games for Adults

Tea parties are a fun way to sit with friends and chat about the neighbors. But after the conversations are over, what else is there to do? Answer: Tea party games!

Here are my top three favorite tea party games. Next time you are with your friends, try these games out!

Tea Party Game #1: Who is s/he?

This is a great one to use if you are with a group of close friends. A leader out of the group thinks of a present person. The rest of the group asks questions to figure out who the leader is thinking of. The catch is: the questions must be abstract. Example: What color is the person? What kind of animal? What cartoon character is she? You can not ask things like, “What color is her hair?” The answers to these questions will draw a lot of laughs, especially after everyone finds out who it is!

Tea Party Game #2: Have you ever…

This is a tea party game that is a lot of fun when kids are not around. Everyone holds up both of their hands. Going in a circle around the table, each person asks a “Have you ever…” question such as, “Have you ever been skinny dipping?” “Have you ever been to Vegas?” If your answer to the question is no, you put one of your fingers down. If your answer is yes, keep your fingers up. The last person to have all their fingers up is the winner.

Tea Party Game #3: Spoons

This is probably my favorite tea party game ever. It can get messy, so make sure you start it after everyone has finished their tea or at least moved their cup to a safe location. Here’s how it works: Get out a deck of cards and a spoon for everyone at the party minus one. If you have five people, get four spoons. The spoons are laid out in the middle of the table. Everyone gets four cards. Name someone the leader, who sits next to the remaining deck. The goal is to get four matching cards in your hand, such as four kings or four sixes. The leader picks a card off the top of the deck and passes it to the next person. This person decides if they want to keep the card or not. If they do, they put the card in their hand and pick one to pass on. They pass this card to the next person, who does the same thing, and so on. The last person in the circle sets the cards received in a pile. If a person decides to not take a card, they simply pass it on without switching out cards. Once the remaining deck is finished, the leader uses the pile that the last person in the circle created. This will move very fast, especially after everyone gets used to the game. Once you get four matching cards, quickly grab a spoon. Once the first person grabs a spoon, everyone else must dive in and grab a spoon also, whether they have two pairs or not. This is the best part. When all the spoons are gone, there is one person left without one, and they have to do something fun and embarrassing. The more embarrassing the “punishment” is, the more violent (and fun) the spoon grabbing will be.

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These are my top three favorite tea party games. At your next tea party, try one of these games out and see what happens!