Top 3 Volumizing Mascaras

While I tend not to use a lot of makeup there are some key products I look to. Mascara is one of those products. With mascara on I feel like a completely different person from who I am when I first wake up. It to me is one makeup product that while not obvious you are wearing it can make all of the difference in the world in your appearance. Here are some of my favorite mascaras that volumize.

Mac Cosmetics Plush Lash

This mascara’s greatest asset is that it might be one of the only mascaras out there to advertise that it will not clump and actually does not. There is nothing worse than huge globs of mascara when you are trying to get ready in the morning. If you find you too have a problem with this, then Mac’s Plush Lash is a great mascara for you.

Plush Lash also offers a beautifully rich color and lengthens your lashes as well as any other. Mac offers many quality cosmetics. This Plush Lash will cost approximately $13 so not much more than most brands that are found in drug stores. Mac can be found many online makeup sites including their own or in major department stores such as Nordstrom’s. The exact link to Plush Lash is;_ID=1580

Tarte Lash Hugger

Tarte stands out as a cosmetic manufacturer who gives natural beauty a whole new name. Their products are 100% free of sulfates, parabens and most other chemicals that are not good for the environment and therefore cannot be healthy for you especially not to be layering on your face.

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Lash Hugger mascara by Tarte is of course all natural and eco-friendly but it is also a great mascara. Like Plush Lash by Mac, Tarte’s Lash Hugger does not clump. In addition it makes eyes pop with its bold color while keeping you looking naturally beautiful. Lash Hugger is a bit more expensive than Plush Lash at $18.

Tarte can be found at stores such as Sephora and also of course their own website The link for Lash Hugger is

L’Oréal Voluminous

Okay so I mixed it up a little from Mac Cosmetics sold in high-end department stores, to the specially made Tarte with its all-natural, eco-friendly products to L’Oréal?? I realize that this mascara can be found in any Walgreen’s or CVS, but it truly is remarkable mascara for the money.

The name says it all. My lashes truly look fuller and more defined than they do with any other drugstore mascara. The best part is the price of course. Usually under $9 this super product will not only impress you but also whomever you are batting your eyelashes at.

Remember to throw out your mascara every 3 to 4 months since it is the most likely culprit in your makeup bag to collect bacteria.