Top 3 Websites for iPhone Wallpapers

Perhaps the only thing more exciting than unwrapping your brand new iPhone is customizing it to reflect your tastes, and to do that, you’re going to have to search through thousands of available iPhone wallpapers. Of course, there are already hundreds of site featuring iPhone wallpapers for download, but there are a few that stand out from the rest, offering the most variety, creativity, and quality. iPhone wallpapers are, in essence, an artistic image displayed on your iPhone screen when the iPhone is not in use. Choosing your favorite iPhone wallpaper can be a daunting task, but these three iPhone wallpapers websites should prove to be a great resource.

Zedge is a site geared towards customizing your phone, with ringtones, games, wallpapers and more. The wallpapers section for the Apple iPhone contains nearly 30,000 different wallpapers to choose from, easily searchable through specific categories.

You can see what some of the most popular iPhone wallpapers downloads are by browsing through the Most Downloaded category, as well as browse the newest and top rated. You can also search through iPhone wallpapers by utilizing tags, or you can simply select an appropriate category, which include Pets & Animals, Technology, Sports, Bollywood, Anime, and much more.

When you’ve selected your iPhone wallpaper, you have the option of sending it directly to your iPhone or downloading it to your PC. You can also create a screensaver from your selection, share it with friends, customize it with text, or post it to a website.
sciphone 2.1 considers themselves the best website for iPhone wallpapers. While their selection of wallpapers is not nearly as large as the collection on Zedge, you’ll find that all of the wallpapers on Sciphone are of superior quality. In fact, they go through an approval process when uploaded by the creators before being added to the site.

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sciphone 2.1 requires that you you register an account with their site in order to be able to download the iPhone wallpapers, but doing so also gives you access to the forums. as well as the opportunity to upload your own wallpapers.

The many categories of iPhone wallpapers on sciphone 2.1 include Abstract, Animals, Food, Cars, Fantasy/Sci-fi, Textures, Women, and much more. Installation instructions are also available on the website.

Planet iPhones
Planet iPhones features comprehensive instructions for downloading and installing the iPhone wallpapers, and a number of searchable categories in a similar vein to Zedge and sciphone 2.1. The wallpapers on Planet iPhones are also free from watermarks and users can upload their own wallpapers to add to the collection.

The selection on Planet iPhones is also not as large as Zedge at the moment, but it is steadily growing, and you’ll likely find plenty of iPhone wallpapers that were not available on Zedge or sciphone 2.1. When you are done browsing through the wallpapers on Planet iPhones, you’ll find plenty more options for additional downloads and iPhone apps.