Top 4 Amusement Parks in the Midwest

Summer is the time for outdoor fun, games, cotton candy, and definitely for rides. It doesn’t matter if you ride on carnival rides or amusement park rides, they’re all fun for the people that enjoy them. For real ride enthusiasts, especially people who enjoy roller coasters, mere carnivals will not suffice, as they usually don’t offer roller coasters. If you’re a real roller coaster enthusiast then you’ll want to visit the amusement parks known for the best roller coasters in the Midwest. There are several top amusement parks in this region, and it’s up to you if you want to visit them all or just one or two.

Cedar Point, located in Sandusky, Ohio, is probably the number one amusement park in the United States. Cedar Point, also called the roller coaster capital of the world, has a whopping 17 roller coaster, and no other amusement park has more roller coasters. There are also many other thrilling rides for people of all ages, including Planet Snoopy which is designed for younger children. This large thrill park also boasts many lodging choices, a separate water park and plenty of different choices for dining. If Cedar Point is your favorite Midwestern amusement park and you want to return frequently during the season, you can purchase a season pass a save a great deal off admission.

If you’re not necessarily looking for an amusement park with nearly 20 roller coasters, Michigan’s Adventure in Muskegon, Michigan may be a great deal of fun. At $25 per adult admission, it’s also a lot more affordable than Cedar Point’s admission of $43.99. Michigan’s Adventure really is an adventure with numerous rides to choose from, shows, games and food. Make a day of it or a weekend , and although the park doesn’t offer lodging, there are nearby hotels and resorts where you can make reservations to stay.

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Another Midwestern amusement park that offers a great deal of thrilling rides, a luxury resort created for relaxing and having fun and an abundance of other activities is Paramount Kings Island, located in Cincinnati, Ohio. You can purchase discounted tickets online at their website for much less than at the gate. You’ll pay $47.99 at the gate and only $32.99 online, so obviously you’ll save a great deal by buying them from the site. In 2009 the park is celebrating the 30-year anniversary of its famous roller coaster, The Beast, the world’s longest wooden roller coaster.

Located just outside Chicago in Gurnee, Illinois, Six Flags Illinois is yet another exciting Midwestern amusement park. With thrilling rides like the Batman, Demon, Giant Drop and so many more, you’ll soon discover why Six Flags is one of the highest rated amusement park in the Midwest. Regular adult admission is $54.99, but like Kings Island, you can save by purchasing your tickets online at Online tickets can be purchased for $20 cheaper. Whether you only want to visit the park for a day or a week, the choice is yours, as there is a comfortable resort onsite for you to lodge, should you decide to stay for more than one day.