Top 4 Exercises for Bigger Biceps

Admit it: Guys with big arm muscles look good. You see them in the gym, pumping weights to boost the size of their biceps muscles. Jealous of their fitness? In this health article, we’ll show you the top four fitness exercises to get bigger biceps.

Biceps are muscles with two heads, thus, it is called “bi”. They are the large flexor muscles found in the front of the upper arms and behind the upper legs. Your biceps are important because they are involved in nearly more than half of your everyday activities (i.e. carrying things). Your biceps muscles are quite small so you should remember not to put too much weight on them.

Top 4 Muscle Exercises for Bigger Biceps:

Biceps Curls- The traditional bicep exercise and also one of the most known best exercises for biceps. You start by standing with your feet apart by about the same width that of your hips. By holding the dumbbells right at right about the same level with your thighs, you are also engaging and creating abs resistance. Squeeze biceps and bend your arms while simultaneously bring the weight of the dumbbells towards your shoulders. Gradually lower the weight of the dumbbells and keep a slight bend on your elbows. Avoid locking your joints and try to keep the tension on your muscles. Repeat this as much as needed.

Preacher curls on the Ball- You kneel down and drape yourself over the ball while also holding weights on each of your hands. You gradually lower the weights until your arms are fully extended and bring them up again. This is one of the best exercises for biceps because you create contraction on your biceps easily. Repeat this exercise for a few minutes.

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Hammer Curl- Stand straight with your feet apart about the width of your hips, in this position you will later help engage your abs too. Position your hands in such a way that your palms face each other, bring them along side your chest. Keep your elbows motionless and still at all times all through out the exercise. Bring the weights in your hands gradually down and up as high as you can, still with your elbow at stationary. Repeat this all through out the exercise.

Concentration Curls- In this exercise you may sit or kneel, whichever it is you want to do. Hold a dumbbell on one hand and bend forward just a bit allowing your abs to engage and prop. You may place other arm on your thigh, an akimbo. After doing this for a few minutes with one arm, switch to the other arm and repeat this exercises as many times you want to and feel like.

From a few of these given best exercises for the biceps, you can draw out your own personalized best exercises for the biceps muscles, too.