Top 4 Men’s Running Shorts

Whether you are a seasoned runner or a casual jogger choosing the right running shorts can make a major difference in your speed and comfort. As a casual runner I have used many different pairs of running shorts, some seemed heavy and felt too hot, and others felt like the perfect fit. This article will take a look at 4 of the best men’s running shorts, why they are so good, where to get them, and price.

1. Nike Dri-FIT 5″ Men’s Running Shorts

These men’s running shorts are great for any runner; they feature moisture wick, side pockets, an interior pocket, and an elastic waistband. The moisture wick fabric is great since the last thing a runner wants is to be drenched in sweat, especially on the legs. The internal pocket is something I may have overlooked in the past; however it provides a great way to keep a house key safe while running without the fear of it falling out on the side pockets. These shorts will help performance and keep you dry in the process! This pair of men’s running shorts can be found at for around $16.99.

2. Nordic Track Men’s Micro Running Shorts

These shorts by Nordic Track are ultra light and designed for weight reduction while running. Men’s running shorts can sometime be too bulky and heavy, but this pair is made from a micro weight fabric that gives you the feeling of regular running shorts without any of the weight. The material also wicks away moisture to keep the runner dry even in intense perspiration. This pair of men’s running shorts can be found at for around $13.73.

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3. Nike Split Leg Men’s Running Shorts

These men’s running shorts are designed for speed and comfort in mind. The fabric is made from a light material that allows for maximum breathability. The shorts are not only not very long and breathable but they also feature moisture wick to vent the excess sweat while running. This pair of Nike men’s running shorts can be found at for around $29.95.

4. Under Armour Men’s Heatgear Draft Running Shorts

Looking for great performance running shorts that does it all? These men’s running shorts from Under Armour are designed to keep you cool and dry while giving you maximum performance. These shorts also have reflective logos for low light condition running which will help keep you safer from vehicles. The elastic drawstring provides a secure and comfortable fit. These shorts can be found at for around $14.93.