Top Ten Outdoor Camping Movies

In the springtime and summertime, who doesn’t feel like getting outside and enjoying the weather? The winter brought harsh weather, especially if you lived in the Northeast for the Winter of 2010. Believe me, that’s a winter we’ll be talking about for years. We experience feet of snow, not just inches, more than once! Usually in Maryland, where I live, we’re lucky to see a foot of snow fall the whole winter season. I can tell you that I’m definitely ready to get outside and be outside. What better way is there to get motivated for the spring and being outside than with a camping movie or outdoor movie? This article will give you ten great camping movies or outdoor movies.

1. The Parent Trap (1998). This movie is about two identical twins meeting each other for the first time at a summer camp. They had been split up as babies when their parents got divorced. Each parent took one child. Dennis Quaid is the Father, and Lindsay Lohan is the twins. The Parent Trap is a remake of an older movie by the same name from 1961. The 1961 Parent Trap movie stars Hayley Mills as the twins, and Charles Ruggles as the dad. Maureen O’Hara is the Mother.

2. The Great Outdoors (1988). The Great Outdoors movie stars John Candy. The Great Outdoors is a good children’s movie, or family movie. One family decides to take everyone to a beautiful lakeside mountain resort for a summer vacation. But then, John Candy, the brother of the family’s father, decides he is going to bring up his family to enjoy the fun. John Candy is obnoxious, and it doesn’t take long for the drama and fun to start!

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3. On Golden Pond (1981). On Golden Pond is a great outdoor movie. Grandfather and grandson spend the summer together, bonding while fishing. The two were thrown together when mom decides to drop the child off so she can enjoy her new husband. It takes awhile for the kid to warm up to the idea of even spending a summer with his grandparents, but once he does, he has a really good time. On Golden Pond stars Jane Fonda, Henry Fonda and Katherine Hepburn.

4. Volunteers (1985). Starring Tom Hanks and John Candy, Volunteers is one of my favorite outdoor or camping movies, and my all time favorite John Candy movie. A rich kid gets into trouble, and ends up in Latin America in the Peace Corps. He meets two other American volunteers, Rita Wilson and John Candy. This outdoors movie is about building a bridge to connect a village to the civilization. However, the volunteers soon learn that this bridge will mean that civilization also has a way in, a way to take over the village.

5. Blair Witch Project (1999). If you want a scary outdoor camping movie, Blair Witch Project is the movie for you. In this outdoor camping movie, three film students decide to go camping near Burkittsville, Maryland, where the Blair Witch is supposed to live. The three students go missing, but their footage from the camping excursion is found a year later.

6. The Edge (1997). The Edge stars Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. The photographer, Alec Baldwin and a rich husband, set off into the outdoors on a photo shoot. Soon, jealousy comes about because the husband thinks the photographer is having an affair with his wife. When their plane crashes and they end up outside in the middle of the woods, the two realize they will have to work together to survive, especially since a bear has now found them.

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7. Into the Wild (2007). Into the Wild is a true story about Christopher McCandless. Christopher McCandless was a college student who was fed up with his parents and his materialistic life. He gives up his possessions and money to travel around the country. He takes his vehicle and sets out on his journey. Once he loses the car, he has to work at random places and hitchhike, running into various people along the way. He meets two hippies, a nice girl who falls for him, and an older man who wants to adopt him as his grandson. His final venture begins when he decides to go into the Alaska Wilderness, crosses a stream and stays in an abandoned transit bus. After being alone for a long time, he realizes that he wants to get back to his family and friends. But, the stream has become a river now with the season’s change, and he cannot cross it. He ends up trapped there and accidentally eats a poisonous plant. Will he survive, or will the wild defeat him?

8. Indian Summer (1993). Indian Summer is a reunion movie about some campers who have now grown up. They decide to get back together and go camping again at their old summer camp. They were invited by their old camp counselor, who was about to give up and close this Canadian summer camp because children are no longer interested. He thinks perhaps another theme, adults working out their problems, may give the camp one last shot.

9. Meatballs (1979). Who doesn’t love a comedy with Bill Murray as the star? If you’ve seen Groundhog Day or any of Bill Murray’s other films, you have to watch Meatballs. This is about a summer camp, where Bill Murray is the counselor. He basically teaches the kids to be proud of who they are, even if they tend to be losers. He takes one kid with low self esteem under his wing.

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10. Little Darlings (1980). Did you forget about two teen stars from the 80’s, Kristy McNichol and Tatum O’Neal? I think I might have if I hadn’t written this article about outdoor camping movies. Little Darlings is about teenage girls at a summer camp. Two of them make a bet about who can first lose her virginity! So, the two teens set out to reach their goal, trying to get with different guys along the way.

What are your favorite outdoor or camping movies?