Vince Vaughn’s 11 Top Movies

Do you think Vince Vaughn in a funny guy and do you love his movies? Here is a list of Vince Vaughn’s top movies from past, present, and future.

1. “Wedding Crashers” -2 friends decide to crash weddings over the summer for the free food and to hook up with girls.

2. “Old School” – A group of guys get together to form a fraternity in order to live out their college days again.

3. “Dodgeball” – The members of Average Joes Gyms decide to form a dodgeball team in order to enter a tournament to win enough money to save the gym.

4. “The Break-Up” – A couple decides to break up but not one of them wants to give up the condo to the other. They both decide to live their lives while living together and trying to make each other’s life unbearable.

5. “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” – A married couple finds out that each of them are assassins for competing companies and have been marked to take each other out.

6. “The Dilemma” – A man finds out that his best friend’s wife is having an affair with another man.

7. “Couples Retreat” – In order to help save their relationships a couple takes with them 3 other couples on a special resort vacation.

8. “Four Christmases” -A couple must visit all 4 of their divorced parent’s families on Christmas.

9. “Be Cool” – A mobster/movie producers turns to the music business.

10. “Starsky and Hutch” – This is the prequel to the TV show in which Starsky and Hutch are both detectives whom always seem to get the toughest cases, and rely on their informer Huggy Bear for help.

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11. “Fred Claus” – Fred needs a loan from his brother Santa Claus, so his brother decides to give him the loan if Fred comes up to the North Pole to help with the Christmas rush.