Warnings About Webkinz World Cheat Codes

Everyone gets so excited at the prospect of being able to get a lot for nothing even when it comes to Webkinz World cheat codes. I joined the band wagon and tried Webkinz World cheat codes from 10 different sites on my son’s 2 Webkinz accounts and the results weren’t pretty.

Webkinz World cheat codes can be found just about everywhere. When I Googled Webkinz World cheat codes, Google gave me 203,000 responses. I thought for sure that I would find a couple cheat codes that we could actually use.

After going to 10 different Webkinz World Cheat Codes sites, spending a lot of my afternoon trying to thrill my son with free kinz cash, promised by one of the Webkinz World Cheat Codes, all the furniture in the W shop, promised by another, I ended up ruining my child’s chances of having fun on Webkinz at all.

After doing exactly as the Webkinz World Cheat Codes sites told me to do, we got nothing. After trying the same Webkinz World cheat codes over and over, my son’s Webkinz World account became unusable. While, I plan on contacting Webkinz World and complaining, that does not help my son, now, who is unable to play on his favorite website.

I tried to figure out why this is happening. I came to the following conclusions, as I Googled some more and read a lot about Webkinz World cheat codes.

Webkinz World cheat codes do not last long.

If the Webkinz World cheat codes work at all, they do not for long. When the Webkinz World creators find out about a particular Webkinz World cheat code, they must change the program, making that Webkinz World cheat code disabled. I tried more than 20 different Webkinz World cheat codes on 10 or more different Webkinz World cheat codes sites with no luck. I hardly believe that many people made the Webkinz World cheat codes up. I think a better conclusion is that the Webkinz World cheat codes are taken off as quickly as they are posted.

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Webkinz World cheat codes generate big traffic.

I think that most people that post the Webkinz World cheat codes do not care if they work at all. They know that posting anything related to Welkin World, but especially Webkinz World cheat codes, will generate high traffic and most sites want and need that to survive. The bad news is that parents and dedicated Webkinz World players would prefer not getting any Webkinz World cheat codes over getting many Webkinz World cheat codes that do not work and cancel, delete or suspend their Webkinz accounts.

Giving Webkinz World cheat codes can lead to other sales.

I noticed that many of the Webkinz World cheat codessites state that if the codes do not work, you can download special browsers or other products to make them work. How convenient! They lure you in with the promise of Webkinz World cheat codes only to get you to click other links for their benefit

It was not easy finding information about Webkinz World cheat codes on the Webkinz World site but under the User agreement section, I found the following statement.

  • Users shall not attempt to use the Site in a fraudulent manner, including but not limited to, using cheat codes, exploits or similar measures to gain, or attempt to gain, unearned KinzCash, items or access to the Site or pets.

Ganz expressly reserves the right, which shall be exercised in its sole discretion, to remove any user from the Site and/or freeze the account(s) of any user who contravenes any of the provisions of the User Agreement, including but not limited to the provisions of this section entitled “Using the Site”. (http://www.webkinz.com/user_agreement.html)

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While I find it unfair that Webkinz World would punish children who have earned them record breaking revenues for using Webkinz World cheat codes, I find it unfair that websites would offer Webkinz World cheat codes knowing that they are unreliable and dangerous for their readers. It usually comes down to money and that is no different here when these Webkinz World cheat codes sites want traffic regardless of unhappy these very sites can make children and their families!