What’s a “Chiweenie”?

My brother called me last night, asking if I would be awake at 8 o’clock, since he and his wife had “gotten something” in Mountain Home on their way home from Boise and wanted to show it to me. He didn’t say what that “something” was, but I immediately suspected that they had gotten a critter of some sort.

When he walked through the door, there was a little brown “something” bulging out of his pocket. My goodness- it was a freakin’ DOG, and the tiniest little thing I had ever seen. My brother proudly displayed his hand-sized “Chiweenie” like a proud poppa, his wife grinning from ear to ear. He said the pup was 8 weeks old, and he paid $80 for it off Craigslist, and I tell you, this little pup was worth every penny.

A “Chiweenie” is exactly as it sounds, once you know it’s a dog. It’s a hybrid of a chihuahua and a dachshund, with the resulting dog being a teeny tiny version of a “wiener dog” with a truly enormous head. Chiweenies” are recognized by the American Hybrid Canine Club, the Designer Dogs Kennel Club, and the International Designer Canine Registry. This little pup (named Maximus) looks like a sucker with legs, with his head so huge and his body so teeny tiny.

He looks just like a dachshund, including length, coloring (dark tan), and even his ears are floppy like a wiener dog. You can see a bit of the chihuahua in him in the odd length of his legs and the shorter tail that curls slightly. I don’t like little dogs (I jokingly all them “kick me” dogs), but I would scoop up this little bug-eyed puppy breathed wonder in a heartbeat.

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The sellers of the pup claimed that Maximus will likely reach 8 pounds at full growth, and that “Chiweenies” tend to be more outgoing than the classic chihuahua, and less aggressive than the classic dachshund, making this hybrid a perfect combination for people wanting a friendly yet tiny dog. Little Maximus is not shy by any means, greeting my 85 pound dog with a tiny puppy grr and tail wag, and even chasing my cat, who looks HUGE in comparison to this literally hand-sized puppy. My dog (who is completely terrified of both puppies and little dogs) proceeded to “hide” behind me on the couch and shake and drool while the tiny “Chiweenie” pawed at her tail.

“Chiweenies” at full growth tend to look like tall chihuahuas, and most apparently have the tall chihuahua ears. Maximus, however, has the dachshund ears and stature, so I imagine him looking like a taller yet tinier wiener dog at full growth, with buggier eyes. Chiweenies” can be long or short haired, depending on the parents, as both chihuahuas and dachshunds come in silky or long haired types.

At chiweenie.net, you can see pictures of this adorable hybrid dog, and find out more information about this little mutt, and find out for yourself if this is a dog you’d like to have in your home. All I can say is, this little “Chiweenie” named Maximus is quite possibly the cutest, most outgoing little dog I have ever seen. I’m sure he will be a joy for my brother and his wife for years to come.

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