“Wild Kratts” Themed Party Favors for Children

Are your children fans of the television show, “Wild Kratts?” Do they long to help save animals like Martin, Chris, Jimmy, Koki and Aviva? If so, you may want to consider hosting a “Wild Kratts” themed party for them this year. I have found that the only downside to working with such a theme is that you’ll have to make a lot of your own party favors. With that said, here’s a quick peek at a few of my “Wild Kratts” themed party favor suggestions:

Creature Power Discs

Based on my experience, homemade Creature Power Discs would make wonderful “Wild Kratts” party favors. In order to make the discs, you’ll need a Creature Power Discs template. It is available on the PBS website. Once you have the template, there are a few options that you may choose from. For starters, you could print the discs out onto sheets of cardstock and laminate them. You could also print the discs out onto sticker sheets and place the stickers onto miniature size flying discs. Miniature size flying discs are often available for purchase through party supply stores, carnival supply stores and sports shops. One retailer that sells the discs is Oriental Trading. On average, 72 miniature discs will cost you $11. As far as the blank sticker sheets go, you can typically buy them through office supply stores. Keep in mind that if you do decide to go with the flying disc option, the kids can use the Creature Power Discs as part of a party game.

Miniature Bean Bag Animals

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Depending on your budget, you may also want to contemplate giving your party guests miniature bean bag animals. The bean bag animals that I am familiar with stand roughly 4 inches high. They are also typically sold through party supply shops, discount stores and carnival related retailers. In most cases, a 50-piece assortment of mini bean bag animals is apt to cost you $40. Bean bag animals that are often found in the assortment include zebras, elephants, leopards and killer whales.

Animal Print Stationary Sets

In my opinion, animal print stationary sets also make great party favors for kids. The kits often include animal paw stickers, pencils and notebooks that sport an animal print. The kits are usually available for purchase through stationary stores, discount retailers and party supply retailers. In my experience, a dozen kits will lighten your wallet by about $8.

“Wild Kratts” Edibles

Last but not least, you may want to think about giving your guests edible “Wild Kratts” treats. In that regard, there are more than a few edible items that you may choose from. Options include Creature Power Disc shaped lollipops, boxes of animal crackers and rainforest granola. There are companies that sell ready-made versions of those items. Of course you could also opt to make your own. If you do decide to make your own “Wild Kratts” edibles, I’d suggest placing them inside cellophane bags that feature an animal related design.

Source: Personal Experience

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