Wilton Alphabet Candy Mold: The ABC’s Have Never Been This Much Fun!

Making personalized treats has never been easier with Wilton’s Alphabet Candy Mold. Readily available at most craft and cake supply stores, the mold is reasonably priced at $1.99. Wilton candy molds are fun to use, made of a durable plastic, dishwasher safe and if card for properly will last years. It is a great project for kids to get involved with and you can use any type or color chocolate that you want.

Each plastic mold contains the entire alphabet in standard uppercase form; the letters are easy to identify and only a few of them require any trimming or touching up. These include the following letters: “B”, “D”, “F”, “U”, and “W”. You do not have to trim out the excess chocolate but they will have a nicer presentation if you do. Use a sharp blade knife and heat the tip to remove any excess chocolate.

The easiest way to fill the letters of the mold is with a squeeze bottle. Melt the chocolate in a double boiler or in the microwave oven then pour into the squeeze bottle. This will give you a lot more control and reduce the amount of mess you have to deal with when cleaning up. You can use a large spoon if you like but you will have to contend with dripping. Wipe off any excess chocolate before it hardens on the mold to reduce clean up time between batches.

What else can this be used for? If you like to make personalized items this plastic mold can be used for making soaps as well as plaster castings. If you do use this for soap, plaster or any other non-food items it should never be reused to make candy or anything edible. Making personalized soaps is a great way to welcome guests to your home but please tell them they aren’t edible. Scents can be added to the soap mix however it will leech into the plastic and stay there, another reason why these should never be used for both candy making and soap making.

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The letters can be used to personalize cakes and other baked treats as well as to spell out a child’s name on a dessert table. The only downside to the mold is there is only one of each letter so if you need three of the “R” and two of the letter “N” you will have to allow the chocolate to harden. Pop them out and start over with the other letters that are needed. You could buy more than one mold but if you are willing to invest the time into making repeat castings, you can sve yourself some money.

Another fun thing to do with this mold is to made a few batches of letters and let kids make words from them. If they spell a word correctly they can eat the treats. If you are going to try that you may want to use a reduced sugar type of chocolate so they aren’t bouncing off the walls. You can also use this mold to make gelatin letters but they can be a little hard to remove. This mold requires no greasing or preparation for chocolate but if you are using it for anything other than a food based item, please, do not try to reuse it for chocolate, gelatin or anything else edible.